My new project

I have started to use NOTION a software for writing note making music score, and it also have a nice collection of sounds to choose from.

I got an old book used in the Norwegian church as a melody book.

I use this one to type in the note and then play them on my computer.


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Converting of DAT tape to MP3/AVI file.

For a time rate of 30$ I can convert DAT tape for you.

If you want one large file the hole tape , around one hour.

But if I have to split for every song it take a little bit longer and the the price is higher.

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This is my favorite audio interface with an Focusrite Octopre MkII.

saffire pro 40 and octopre mkII

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This Audio interface have I used for field recording.

It did not need extra power on my macbook.

This have 2 input with really nice preamp.

I will test a new USB microphone now.

It is a Audio-technica art2500-usb. I may connect this direct to my computer or my iPAD with the camera connection kit. And the need for an audio interface in the field is not any longer needed. It may take a while before I can conclude on this.


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Not really well today

I have got a flu,

I am not at work , but I am not able to do something in the studio either.


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Do you have some old ADAT tape, and want to convert it to computer format.

30 $ time rate.

send an e-mail to

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